In conversation with Joseph Chilton Pearce

maxresdefaultI’m delighted to share this interview with you. I had the huge honor of sitting with the celebrated author Joseph Chilton Pearce in the home he built with his own hands, among the wooded hills of Virginia USA, in December 2013. Joseph is a little frail these days, but sharp, incisive, and a treasure trove of deep insights and unique perspectives on the relationship between child-rearing, human social-evolution, and a planet in crisis. Joe is an elder sage with an urgent message.  His extraordinary books have touched the lives of millions, and nudged us all along a little closer towards a new awakening.

So, here we were together, rocking in our chairs, enjoying the setting sun, and gently meandering through a stream of ideas.

I feel immensely privileged to have had this conversation, and thanks to the talents and efforts of my good friends Lisa and Keith Reagan, now this conversation is for everyone.

Here it is! CLICK

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Great News! Ozone hole is mending!

ozone_01_21_2013Finally, the Ozone hole is showing early signs of thickening – thanks to the sustained, global ban on CFCs. This is a triumph for co-ordinated, global, government-sponsored action.  It demonstrates that when governments show the political will to restrain and regulate Big Business, miracles can be accomplished.  This great win is hugely encouraging for us to do the same to tackle global warming. CLICK

There are still some who deny the link between fossil fuels and global warming. Some of those deniers are the same paid-for scientists who denied the link between CFCs and ozone depletion, and who also denied the link between second-hand tobacco smoke and lung cancer.  Humanity has been terribly hurt by these bank-rolled denial and delay tactics. The way for us to be alert and skeptical; is to always ask who is paying for the denial ‘science’.  Follow the money trail, it is easy to trace, with your browser of choice.

But at least this time, human rights and the environment has trumped the vested interests.  Our Ozone layer has begun its healing process. Sighs of relief!


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Sleep training for babies – new research says…

Difficult-Baby-Banner2…what most parents and practitioners who understand babies have been saying – and yelling from the rooftops! – for a long, long time.     Maybe as more science keeps coming in, people will begin to listen.      There is nothing OK about walking away from a crying baby.     Under controlled crying, a baby might go quiet, but the cortisol levels spike.   The baby’s high distress is masked by the behavioral collapse.  Read more on the research study HERE.

What this research does not tell you is that when cortisol levels remain high, the cortisol can begin to destroy neurons in the emotional-regulation regions of the child’s brain. Controlled crying is a cultural practice in a few Western nations, and it risks reducing brain matter in the areas related to emotional intelligence.

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Bringing my parenting seminar to Woollahra – 10th September 2014

Top5Garden-460x250“Connecting with your Toddler and Child: setting boundaries without punishment, shame or manipulation”

For parents, teachers, health professionals.

Where: Holdsworth Community Centre, Woollhara

When: 7:00PM Wednesday 10th September

Bookings and Enquiries: 9302 3600

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Just for Dads: an event in October 2014

FATHERHOOD UNPLUGGED! Supporting new Dads FatherSon

Discover your special place as a Dad, the unique gifts you bring. Let’s talk about the support you need, and some common challenges and concerns we encounter as fathers in a rapidly changing parenting culture. Join in, bring your questions, and share in a safe environment for Dads, new and experienced. Voice feelings, hopes and dreams, be supported  and learn new tools for the journey. The format:  John Broadbent, author of ‘Man Unplugged’ will be interviewing me; a live chat, and then we open to questions and interaction.

When:  Tuesday 21st October, 7 till 9:30PM

Where: Narrabeen Tramshed Arts & Community Centre

Bookings and Details:

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Another great leap forward in global children’s rights

GA Official RedIn October 2012, the circumcision of boys as well as girls was declared a human rights violation, being in breech of Articles 2, 12, 14, 19 and 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This is a courageous stance for the world’s children! Finally a stand has been taken, declaring that when human rights conflict with cultural and religious rights, human rights must trump the other. As circumcision – an ancient rite among patriarchal warrior cultures – continues to disappear, one more needless trauma will be removed from childhood. This will bring peaceful dividends to the entire global community.   Eliminating childhood traumas always does.

Australia and New Zealand now have a not-for-profit institute lobbying to protect our children from this damaging practice – the Australasian Institute for Genital Autonomy  CLICK HERE

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Teach your children about SUCCESS

Elon MuskHe revolutionized how the world does commerce by inventing Paypal. He created the largest rooftop-solar-panel company in USA. He created the first successful fully electric car, which is also the world’s safest family car, which you can run for free for ever, which outperforms all petroleum cars in every way. The Tesla. But that was not enough! He then developed a space-rocket that cuts costs down to 25%, plus a re-useable rocket that can land back on earth, upright. NASA gave him the contract. People will go to Mars, and begin terra-forming it.      His name is Elon Musk.    Successful enough?

So, how did he reach this colossal level of success?  By NOT making success the goal. And, explicitly and repeatedly, by not letting profit-making be the goal.  In fact, he didn’t even think that his inventions would succeed at all. He was happy to let others have the success. Guess what: he has released his recipe for a fully-electric car battery to open-source! Total sharing! Imagine how freeing that would be:  to do what you love, not bogged down by the limitations imposed by concerns for ‘success’ nor profit-making.       FREEDOM TO CREATE!    So, what motivates Elon Musk?  A passion for his craft, and a huge desire to serve humanity, to offer us what is most needed.   What this man has single-handedly accomplished to save civilization from global warming and from economic collapse, is breath-taking.

Schoolteachers and parents:  that’s the message we need to bring to our children.  Follow your heart, pursue your beliefs, think of what you can offer humanity.    Don’t be driven by thoughts of ‘success’, the success objective is a joyless trap. And the profit motive, well, that gets in the way, it actually trips creativity.

Here is a wonderful interview with the softly spoken, understated Elon Musk: CLICK HERE 

And here is a documentary showing how Elon repeatedly put his every last penny on the line for the love of his creations. CLICK HERE  


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Uruguay – becoming a world leader in renewable energy!

uruguay-wind-powerThis humble country of 3.5 million generated 84% of its energy in 2013 from renewable sources – a combination of hydro, wind and biomass. Government policy is to back a rapid deployment of new wind farms, which will give Uruguay 90% renewable energy in 2015. Wind energy will constitute 30% of the mix, which for now looks set to surpass Denmark and make Uruguay the world leader in wind! Congratulations Uruguay!

Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in Latin America, is committed to 94% renewables by 2017.

Thanks to massive investment in wind farms and geothermal, Costa Rica is already up to 99.2% renewables, and will soon be the world’s first carbon neutral country.


Australia (one of the richest nations in the world) is aiming for 20% renewables by 2020. Unless the current government succeeds in its plan to scrap the Renewable Energy Target. In which case it will be a lot less than 20%.


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The Solar Plane is coming – and so is the Electric Plane!

solar planeGet set to say goodbye to fossil fuels forever. Here comes the Solar Plane, test flights galore, and a round-the-world flight happening next year. Check out this short and amazing video: CLICK.

Also, Elon Musk, maker of Tesla fully electric cars, director of the largest solar panel company in USA, has plans ready for a fully electric passenger plane. Get this: it takes off vertically, no need for a runway (small airport closer to town!) and it flies at supersonic speeds (get there in less than half the time, with zero carbon footprint).  Find out more here: CLICK.

When someone says: ‘It can’t happen’ …what they really mean is: ‘I don’t WANT it to happen!’.    Well, guess what: it IS happening! The age of renewables and clean, super-cheap energy has dawned.

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Seminar: “Bonding with your Baby, Connecting with your Child” July 2014

UnknownRestoring wellbeing to Mum and Dad, maintaining the sweetest connection with your Baby, strengthening the foundations of your child’s emotional health.   What do parents need so this journey can be as easy and joyous as it can be?   Find the pathway of least strain and greatest pleasure.   Bring your questions, about sleep, crying, your child’s big emotions, family wellbeing, etc etc etc.

WHEN:  7:00PM,  Monday 28th July 2014

WHERE: Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick (Sydney)

BOOKINGS (essential!) and ENQUIRIES:  

           Wendy  (02) 9388 7047

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