Incredible Youth Leaders!

maxresdefaultYou won’t believe what these teenaged activists are accomplishing. Wow! Powerful youth! Knowledgeable. Feisty. Assertive. Peaceful. Courteous. Eloquent. Passionate. Big-hearted. And effective!  And this is starting to be an international trend. I was stunned to discover how successful these adolescent activists (youth leaders) have already been in forcing big changes in legislation, culture, lifestyle and community.

And, unlike the youth activists of the sixties, this is not about dropping out and dropping pills. This new youth movement is about passion, assertion, non-violence, and KNOWLEDGE.     It is impossible not to listen.      I feel so humbled, so inspired.  And so moved: not to flatter them, but rather, I feel obligated to stand with them. To join them. This is THEIR world.      Check this out, you will be blown away:  CLICK HERE

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Chelsea Lane Gallery Opening, April 2015

photo 1This most endearing and petite Gallery, in the heart of Avalon, is hosting an opening for 8 of the most wonderful artists – among them, my wife Linda. Her Gaian sculptures and mosaics weave a maternal, wordless, terrestrial myth; they sing sensuality.  Plus works from 7 more, luscious artists.

I would love to see you there! On Saturday, 4th April 2015, from 5pm to 7pm.

Chelsea Lane Gallery, 48 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach, enter through the Sneaky Grind cafe.

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A New Song of Human Dignity

freedom-in-christThis anthem was composed and recorded by my good friend, bassist and groovster extraordinare, Stephen Marquis. I sang with the choir. It was an unforgettable moment. Singing together, there is no longer an ‘I’, but a shared wave of humanity. So exhilarating.

Led by the powerful voice of David Nduwimana .

Here is the LINK – enjoy!

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Parenting seminar 26th March 2015, @ Erskineville NSW

getting-kids-to-do-stuffTopic:  “GETTING YOUR CHILD TO DO STUFF – A psychobabble-free look at what really motivates children”

When: 7:30PM to 9:30PM Thursday 26th March 2015

Where: GOWRIE NSW, Erskineville

Bookings and Info:  CLICK HERE

I’m excited about this brand new seminar, it will be its first time offered – and much of the info will be crowd-sourced! Find out what I mean by that…by coming along! See you there.

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Divestment is the biggest boycott movement in history!

You are far more powerful than you realize.

divest_2You can personally turn the tide on climate change, simply by how you use even the smallest amounts of money.

Divesting means looking at where we save money, and removing it from any institution that invests in fossil fuels. The Divest movement is accelerating, it is HUGE – the biggest boycott movement in history! In 2014 alone, investors controlling some US$50 billion of assets have pledged to go fossil fuel free. From the Rockefeller Foundation (yes, the Rockefellers; huge Big Oil magnates!)  to Stanford University, 181 organisations making investments decisions on behalf of 520 million people have pledged to divest.

My wife and myself took all our life-savings from Westpac and put it into Bendigo Bank, and wrote to both sides to tell them why. It was EASY!  And very satisfying.

We are all far more powerful than we realize. With each dollar we have a choice to make.

Read an excellent explanation about the global Divestment movement by Trevor Thomas from Ethinvest, HERE. 

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Solar Plane’s First World Trip!

maxresdefaultThe solar revolution is here, it is real, you are living in it NOW. The Solar Impulse plane is showing us how clean energy can fuel all kinds of transport in the near future. Look at history: stunts like these are always quickly followed by investors, and commercial development. From the Wright brothers to aero-tourism in just a few years – think of what comes next!

Signs of the revolution: Solar panels have become cheaper by 70% in recent years. Their price will halve again this decade. Solar will be as cheap as petrol before 2020. In USA, Solar now employs more people than Coal!

Expect a massive economic boom when we ditch fossil fuels, as energy prices will just keep plummeting: a huge jobs growth internationally. Not to mention: we might just pull back from the brink of enviro-catastrophe.

Read all about it HERE.

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ADHD is not a disease

Dr.-Bruce-PerryFor sure, ADHD is a grab-bag description of a broad range of challenging behaviours – but disease it ain’t. So explains Bruce Perry; perhaps the leading and most experienced neuropsychiatric mind in the world.

The implications are huge. This suggests that ADHD should be treated by changing something in the child’s environment. The expectations placed on the child. The emotional climate that surrounds him or her. Or perhaps; the way schooling is done. In fact, according to Bruce Perry, research has shown that is precisely what works best. Minus the long term negative effects of drug therapy.

This points to a big social need that is not being met. Families and individuals struggling with this kind of issue should be supported with relationship-centred therapies, rather than having children’s complex brain and endocrinological systems meddled with.

You can read a little more about this HERE.

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A transformative virtual (online) retreat for parents

herosquest_0Kindred Media is the host, ‘Parenting as a Hero’s Journey’ is the series. You can join any – or all! -of the diverse and extraordinary presenters.

My contribution is a webinar that guides you through your own Inner Child Journey, where you find a repository of wisdom and healing.  This is an entirely new approach to answering your parenting questions, and a new way forward with your children. What have your children come to teach you?

Enough said! Find out all you need to know, HERE. 

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To make you feel better…

2084462_Green-Shoots-Emerging-Growth-700Here are some of the most exciting news about huge wins for sustainability, justice and a better world all around.

Fossil fuel divestment is taking off like wildfire around the world. This global divestment deluge is set to heavily disrupt the fossil fuel business model. And Norway, a major oil power, is totally dumping fossil fuel investment! Read HERE

Like Apple computers? Prepare to drive one. Apple will give Tesla a run for its money when they soon unveil their own electric car. Every year, several new fully electric vehicles sweep onto the market. Tipping point alert! Still driving your antique petrol car? Read HERE

Teenagers are taking over the climate campaign in the most incredible way. Child-led legal challenges to secure their future, all over USA. Amazing youth, here they come! This will take your breath away. Read HERE

A huge coup for animal rights. France de-registers animals as ‘property’, and makes them legal entities as ‘sentient beings’ – paving the way for a new wave of animal protections. This is deeply transformative! Read HERE

Science vindicates organic growers. Study finds lower pesticides levels in people who eat organic. Read HERE

Most American states (37 of them!) now allow gay marriage. This is the most seriously fundamentalist nation in the Western world (proportionately speaking). So if USA can do it, (along with UK, NZ, and so many more), than so can Australia. Read HERE

Speaking of USA, the nation that gave the world the War on Drugs (best understood as the War on Addicts), is rapidly lifting prohibition of Marihuana. Alaska is the latest state to legalize. If this can happen in ground zero for this inhuman war against sufferers of addiction, then the rest of the world can also come to its senses. Read HERE

The green shoots of a huge shift towards a clean and just world are really starting to show up, everywhere. This is very encouraging!

To all those who are working for this cultural-evolutionary imperative: keep going, keep going, keep going!

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There but by the Grace of God…

When I was 11 years old I was ‘Dux’ of my primary school.
I was then offered a scholarship: to attend the prestigious Knox Grammar school, free of charge, till graduation. My parents were elated.

But I had heard stories. I told these stories.
No-one believed me.

And THIS is what happened there. In the news today.
I fought hard. I told my parents I would not go to Knox if they put a gun to my head!
I did not go.
For decades afterwards I heard, over and over, about what I “could have become”, had I agreed to go to this prestigious and venerated school.

I am 53 years old.
I was saved by an 11 year old boy who fought alone for me.
That boy was me.
I am so grateful.
Perhaps I should be so grateful also to my parents, who had the heart to know when to stop pushing, to stop hectoring, even if they could not understand.

….and I’m so angry! for all the boys, who suffered horrors behind these walls. And for the many other boys whose pain and humiliation will never be heard by a Royal Commission, because their sufferings do not rate as legal abuses.

The lesson here is large, and it is global:
They might seem ‘mad’ to you.
They are not.

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