Help wanted: Can you make movies?

kid-director-440x360Dear friends: I am working on a small project that has reached a crowd-sourcing stage – and I am looking for someone who would like to join me. I am recording a song I wrote to give encouragement to all young people who are doing their HSC or other final exams. The song is a lot of fun, it is tongue-in-cheek, and it aims to bring cheer and ‘mojo’ to the young heroes who are working so hard for their vocational journey. I have assembled some kick-ass musos to back me, this thing rocks!

I need someone (or someoneS!) who can help me make a music-video (filming and editing) so we can post this to YouTube in time for student vacations this year (early September 2015). It doesn’t need to be super-profesh, just made with love. The idea is to have a ball over one weekend, and produce a punchy little video that will make them laugh and help them feel our (all the parents’) support behind them. I have already started to story-board it.

So……know anyone who can do this, who has a good-enuff camera, bit of editing savvy, some kids they want to encourage, and who wants to join me in this little project? You? Your cousin?           I would love to hear from you!

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Parenting Seminar in Woollahra, Sydney – May 2015

cooking-with-kids_612“Getting your Child to do Stuff – a psychobabble-free look at what really motivates children”

When: 7pm Thursday 14th May 2015

Where: Holdsworth Community, Woollahra

Bookings and Enquiries:


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Two more nations ban corporal punishment of children!

sos-mother-child-beninCongratulations to the West African nation of Benin, the newest country to protect their children under the law, in January 2015. Andorra also banned the smack, in December 2014.

The countdown: 48 nations have banned, 47 more have committed to the process. At the current rate of change, assuming there will be no acceleration, we can expect a global de-legitimization of violence against children, in the next 20 years or so.

What if we defined ‘developed’ nations not in terms of industrialization, but in terms of civilized treatment of children? That would mean we have 95 developed nations, 105 under-developed nations. In which category is your country?

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Heart-to-Heart Parenting events back in New Zealand, April-May 2015

cooking-with-kids_612I love presenting my workshops to Kiwi parents in Aotearoa, so pleased to be back again – this time as the guest of NZ Parents Centres.

The topic: my new seminar. “How to get your kids to do stuff – a psychobabble-free look at what really motivates children”

Where: Carterton, Palmerston North, and Hawkes Bay.

Contact for dates, bookings and enquiries: Renee Barbour

Also, you can click HERE

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Building is going Green – and you can help

9-2482094-lbn110914house01_t620I am amazed by what my friend Deborah Preston has achieved in a few years, with her Green Building Centre in Byron Bay Australia.  Deb is a leader in making the building trade healthy; for families, tradespeople, humanity, the environment.

The products (paints, finishes, and much more) are so exciting, affordable, durable, beautiful – and super-healthy!

I feel this is one the most crucial aspects of a necessary shift to a sustainable world. The Green Building Centre has entered a crowd-funding stage in order to grow its potential extensively. Our communities need this change! I have joined in, and contributed to this project. You might like to as well! Interested? See what it is all about HERE.

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Free podcast: how emotional wellbeing can change the world

mini-bigstock-Little-child-in-headphones-iso-18350522This was an interview that Tara Darlington just did with me, for Blogtalk Radio.


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Incredible Youth Leaders!

maxresdefaultYou won’t believe what these teenaged activists are accomplishing. Wow! Powerful youth! Knowledgeable. Feisty. Assertive. Peaceful. Courteous. Eloquent. Passionate. Big-hearted. And effective!  And this is starting to be an international trend. I was stunned to discover how successful these adolescent activists (youth leaders) have already been in forcing big changes in legislation, culture, lifestyle and community.

And, unlike the youth activists of the sixties, this is not about dropping out and dropping pills. This new youth movement is about passion, assertion, non-violence, and KNOWLEDGE.     It is impossible not to listen.      I feel so humbled, so inspired.  And so moved: not to flatter them, but rather, I feel obligated to stand with them. To join them. This is THEIR world.      Check this out, you will be blown away:  CLICK HERE

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Chelsea Lane Gallery Opening, April 2015

photo 1This most endearing and petite Gallery, in the heart of Avalon, is hosting an opening for 8 of the most wonderful artists – among them, my wife Linda. Her Gaian sculptures and mosaics weave a maternal, wordless, terrestrial myth; they sing sensuality.  Plus works from 7 more, luscious artists.

I would love to see you there! On Saturday, 4th April 2015, from 5pm to 7pm.

Chelsea Lane Gallery, 48 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach, enter through the Sneaky Grind cafe.

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A New Song of Human Dignity

freedom-in-christThis anthem was composed and recorded by my good friend, bassist and groovster extraordinare, Stephen Marquis. I sang with the choir. It was an unforgettable moment. Singing together, there is no longer an ‘I’, but a shared wave of humanity. So exhilarating.

Led by the powerful voice of David Nduwimana .

Here is the LINK – enjoy!

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Parenting seminar 26th March 2015, @ Erskineville NSW

getting-kids-to-do-stuffTopic:  “GETTING YOUR CHILD TO DO STUFF – A psychobabble-free look at what really motivates children”

When: 7:30PM to 9:30PM Thursday 26th March 2015

Where: GOWRIE NSW, Erskineville

Bookings and Info:  CLICK HERE

I’m excited about this brand new seminar, it will be its first time offered – and much of the info will be crowd-sourced! Find out what I mean by that…by coming along! See you there.

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