The state of childhood – an update

shutterstock_42899998A massive study, 96 nations in all, published in the Pediatrics journal. Around the world, more than half of the world’s children were the victims of violence – and that’s just 2014.         Bear in mind, that has to be a big underestimate, since in most countries an adult can beat a child and it is not called violence.  So most of the violence goes un-noticed and un-reported.

So: to be born as a human child in this world means you have well over 1 in 2 chance of being the victim of violence, mainly from the people who “care” for you. Betrayal, on a grand scale.

To dilute this message or to minimize it is to compound the insult to children. Children are the punching bags for angry, resentful, confused and helpless adults – and the majority remain so despite decades of improvements.

If that is not the reason why we grow up to be so destructive towards this planet, then I don’t know what is. But don’t ever try to tell me that anyone is born to be chronically violent or addictive. People become as they are treated when they are vulnerable. Together, this is the destiny we author every day.

To read more about this piece of research, click here. 

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How do we Birth a new Humanity?

into-these-hands-watermarkedWhat do our changing childbirth practices have to do with the kinds of societies we create?

Can we build interconnectedness and an ecologically harmonious model of society…by reforming how we bring children into this world?

In one of the most beautiful parts of coastal Scotland, September 2016, this transformative conference is being convened – and you are invited to join us.

Find out a little more? Watch this short video


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Peru ends the corporal punishment of children

ninos-peruIn Peru, as of 10th December 2015, it is against the law for parents, teachers, anyone at all to hit or otherwise humiliate a child. No excuses.

There are now 48 countries that have made it illegal to hit a child, and 52 more have made commitments to bring in this legislation. The number of nations that now reject the culture of child-punishment has reached 100. That’s almost half the nations of the world, in less than 40 years. More and more people are likely to wake up to how odious the idea of hitting for discipline really is. It must be really sinking in by now; that ‘normal’ is not necessarily ‘good’.

Viva Peru! Read more about it here. 

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My Talk on Neurosocial Evolution

robin-grille…presented at the UNICEF Baby-Friendly-Initiative Conference, Harrogate, UK, November 2015.

Take a bit of neuropsychology, some anthropology, a pinch of epigenetics, a dollop of psychohistory, a dash of attachment research and a soupçon of learning theory, blend the mixture and bake until you get…some startling news of hope and empowerment.

What if human society can evolve beyond violence: towards justice, democracy, world peace and harmony with Mother Earth? And what if this evolution has already begun and is gathering pace?

What if this has a lot to do with how we raise and educate our children? And…what if you  have a key role to play in this Neurosocial Evolution?

Take a look. CLICK HERE. 

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Ireland bans all corporal punishment

vinci-5-notti-in-Irlanda-concorso-BB-IrelandThis nation just keeps getting more amazing! Number 47 to ban the corporal punishment of children. Gay marriage, freedom to divorce, no punishment of children…I want to do some Justice Tourism in Ireland! It is exciting to see this long oppressed nation flourishing in this way, and leading the world. I will definitely drink a pint of Guinness to toast the fair green island. (And may it please the Universe, I hope to set foot on Irish soil one day. Music pilgrimage!)

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Somalia ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child!

idpsgreetusg-somaliaThat is it! That is the whole world! A new era is dawning for children.

But wait…not yet.

Just one single country remains. Just one. One country, where Police are allowed into schools to discipline the children. Where most childbirth facilities still allow artificial infant formula companies to tell mothers how to feed their babies. Where teachers are still allowed to paddle students on their buttocks, with a bat.

What country is that? What is your guess?

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My new Music Video: “Exam Nation” –

gradsRight now Australian high school students are preparing for their final exams, the end of a 12 year journey. I wrote this song for them, and really for all students around the world.

My song says this: you have a human right to enjoy the work you do, to express your unique talents and gifts in your own special way.

And…….what if? WHAT IF??? What if you can HAVE FUN while you work?

I hope you enjoy my song, here it is. 

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Parenting Workshop Series in Mona Vale NSW, October 2015

cartoon famAn inspiring 3 part workshop series on raising healthy happy families

#1` The Power and Magic of Listening 
How to help your children to put their BIG emotions into words, so they can connect, and find calm.
Friday October 9th – 6:30pm-8:30pm

#2 Setting Boundaries – without Punishment, Shaming or Manipulation 
How to speak so your child will listen to you, and trust you.
Friday October 16th – 6:30pm-8:30pm

#3 Helping your children to heal from emotional wounds
Simple and powerful steps to help our children heal from the wounds and disappointments life sometimes brings. How do we help our children to grow and move through?
Friday 23rd October  – 6:30pm-8:30pm

Times: Held from 6.30 – 8.30 pm over a series of Friday evenings

Venue: Yoga and Health Collective – Mona Vale NSW

Bookings (essential!) and Enquiries: 9997 2121

Cost: All 3 workshops $99
Choice of any 2 workshop $ 77
Choice of any one workshop $44

All prices inclusive of GST


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Open Day – and free parenting talk

yoga-girl-drawingAll are welcome at the Open Day for the “Yoga & Health Foundation”. It is going to be a festive occasion at the beautifully revitalized and transformed centre.

Free yoga, free massage, free informative talks, including a brief parenting talk by me: “Dealing with your Child’s Big Emotions” (at 1:15PM)

When: Saturday 18th July 2015, all day!!

Where: level 1, 2 Bungan St, Mona Vale (NSW, Australia)

More info: contact 02-9997 2121

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Fathering transforms fathers – new study

father-and-baby-sleepingAttend the birth of your baby, and even if you are standing several feet away, as a Dad you get a high dose of oxytocin, the hormone of love. What a rush. And now, a new study reveals that if you sleep near your baby, your testosterone levels drop. Now you know why you have been feeling more sensitive, more caring, more protective, more responsive – all round a better bloke. By the way, this drop in testosterone does not make you less of a stud, so, don’t fret. But to get these hormonal changes, you need to get close. Just close enough, and your baby transforms you, your brain chemistry, your heart, your everything. Magic. Feeling a bit academic about this? OK. You can check it all out HERE.

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