Uruguay – becoming a world leader in renewable energy!

uruguay-wind-powerThis humble country of 3.5 million generated 84% of its energy in 2013 from renewable sources – a combination of hydro, wind and biomass. Government policy is to back a rapid deployment of new wind farms, which will give Uruguay 90% renewable energy in 2015. Wind energy will constitute 30% of the mix, which for now looks set to surpass Denmark and make Uruguay the world leader in wind! Congratulations Uruguay!

Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in Latin America, is committed to 94% renewables by 2017.

Thanks to massive investment in wind farms and geothermal, Costa Rica is already up to 99.2% renewables, and will soon be the world’s first carbon neutral country.


Australia (one of the richest nations in the world) is aiming for 20% renewables by 2020. Unless the current government succeeds in its plan to scrap the Renewable Energy Target. In which case it will be a lot less than 20%.


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The Solar Plane is coming – and so is the Electric Plane!

solar planeGet set to say goodbye to fossil fuels forever. Here comes the Solar Plane, test flights galore, and a round-the-world flight happening next year. Check out this short and amazing video: CLICK.

Also, Elon Musk, maker of Tesla fully electric cars, director of the largest solar panel company in USA, has plans ready for a fully electric passenger plane. Get this: it takes off vertically, no need for a runway (small airport closer to town!) and it flies at supersonic speeds (get there in less than half the time, with zero carbon footprint).  Find out more here: CLICK.

When someone says: ‘It can’t happen’ …what they really mean is: ‘I don’t WANT it to happen!’.    Well, guess what: it IS happening! The age of renewables and clean, super-cheap energy has dawned.

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Seminar: “Bonding with your Baby, Connecting with your Child” July 2014

UnknownRestoring wellbeing to Mum and Dad, maintaining the sweetest connection with your Baby, strengthening the foundations of your child’s emotional health.   What do parents need so this journey can be as easy and joyous as it can be?   Find the pathway of least strain and greatest pleasure.   Bring your questions, about sleep, crying, your child’s big emotions, family wellbeing, etc etc etc.

WHEN:  7:00PM,  Monday 28th July 2014

WHERE: Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick (Sydney)

BOOKINGS (essential!) and ENQUIRIES:  

           Wendy    ababondijunction@gmail.com  (02) 9388 7047

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Stay tuned for the videos of TED X Pittwater July 2014.

The TED X event at Pittwater (Sydney’s northern beaches) took place last Saturday, and it was a day of mind-blowing, heart-warming, tummy-fulfilling wonders. I felt hugely privileged to speak there, as well as incredibly proud of the luminaries that live in our beautiful part of the world.   When can we be space-tourists? How does restoring healthy soils reset our brain-chemistry to ‘happy’? Why didn’t we know that raw-food cooking is the new gastronomic edge, adding years to our lives and new ecstasies to our tongues? How can child-rearing reform change the world? And much more.   GREAT NEWS:   you will be able to watch all the videos free, in around three weeks.

Where? Not sure! Ask Google. Or: try here:…http://www.tedxpittwater.com         

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My interview with Lu Hanessian in New York 2013

mqdefaultLu is the author of ‘Let the Baby Drive’, one of the movers-and-shakers of the Attachment Parenting movement in the USA, and much more. We talked about child-rearing and the future of humanity…we covered it all! Sit back, relax, and click HERE to view…

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Brazil takes a giant leap in child protection!

children-brazil-006Today, all Brazilian children awaken to a new reality, where their rights and integrity are respected in a whole new way. This largest (huge!) of South American nations has just become the 38th nation to completely ban all corporal punishment of children; at home as well as at school. Go Brazil!

The pace of change is accelerating around the world. A global ban within our lifetimes seems inevitable now.

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Free Podcast, talking about Teens, anger, shame, and more.

1399468430-Logo_itunes-picThoroughly enjoyed this wonderful conversation with Tova and Kerri from ‘The Parenting Hour’ in Los Angeles. We covered so much ground; from understanding adolescence, what is going on in the teenaged brain, keeping our communication with our teen children vibrant and real, what our kids teach us, how shame affects relationships, communicating anger appropriately, and more.

Any time you want, you can listen by visiting the radio show’s website and selecting Episode 052614. CLICK HERE!

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I’m speaking at Pittwater TedX in July 2014

photoTedX is coming to Pittwater, in Sydney. I’m thrilled to have been invited to speak there, where I will be joining a bunch of fascinating innovators from this area. Only 100 tickets are available for this event, so I would recommend you get yours soon! Information and Ticket Purchase:  http://www.tedxpittwater.com/   

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Heart to Heart Parenting Seminars comes to Rozelle Public School!

7.jpgSeminar: ‘Connecting with Your Toddler and Child’ – setting boundaries without punishment, shaming or manipulation.

When: Thursday June 12th 2014, 6:30 PM for a 7:00PM start

Where: Rozelle Public School

Bookings: http://rozelleparentseminars.wordpress.com/ 

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Some seats left in my New Zealand workshops!

tumblr_lweiwjBlPX1r483nlo1_500…but not for long! It all starts next Friday, 30th May 2014. First Queenstown, then Wanaka (that is South Island, in case you are flying in from overseas! or in case you failed geography in school), then to Thames and finally Auckland (North).  To find out more and book your place, click HERE for Queenstown and Wanaka events, then put ‘Queenstown Parenting’ in the search field. Look for events hosted by ‘Debbie Townsend’.

For North Island events, click HERE.

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