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Free interview with Health Professional Radio

In conversation with Niyati Libotte (mother, singer, writer, interviewer), of Health Professional Radio online. Our chinwag was served as a 7-course meal, you can pick and choose which and when. Enjoy! (Click…………here!)

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Your Heart, your Words: our Power.

I have been venting and complaining lately. Not that this surprises me – September 7 was a bitter pill. But the power is in dusting off and moving on. And I trust PEOPLE, I trust the BIG WE. When WE … Continue reading

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Coming to USA! Parenting for a Peaceful World Tour: Dec 2013

As we release the second edition of Parenting for a Peaceful World, Kindred Community and I have teamed up to criss-cross the USA and present a series of events that will include bilingual workshops for parents, teachers and health professionals … Continue reading

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Could this finally be the end of fossil fuels?

Take courage from this: the world’s top financing institutions are starting to wind back from subsidising new coal-fired power stations. They are sounding more and more worried, more determined to pull us back from the brink of climate disaster. Even … Continue reading

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Sleep training for babies? Science says “DON’T DO IT!!!!!!”

More and more science keeps coming out about the effects of sleep training for babies, aka: ‘controlled crying’, ‘controlled comforting’, etc. Not only it does not give you what it says on the glossy brochure, it causes harm in the … Continue reading

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