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Smart People + A Roof = Save the World!

Each day, there are more and more signs that a new, Green economy is emerging. People are sick of seeing our planet trashed. People are tired of hearing that generating prosperity is incompatible with eco-sustainability. Look what happens when people with … Continue reading

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Video: interview with Joy Rose at the Museum of Motherhood.

Did you know there was a Museum of Motherhood, in New York? And the place rocks!! Fair dinkum. I can prove it. I was there! Here is what happened when I got there………aaaaaaaaaaand ….CLICK!

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Punishment is a failure – say the Police

Even the POLICE understand that punishment and prohibition are as destructive as they are utterly impotent, when it comes to drug policy.  So: why on earth do we still cling to this useless idea that punishment works? War on drugs: an astronomically expensive … Continue reading

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When a nation rejects Punishment – it is Rewarded!!

Did you know that Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001? Including: marihuana, cocaine and heroin! Possession is not legal, but now addicts are treated within a public health paradigm. They are no longer brutalized as criminals. Now, people who believe … Continue reading

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Film: The 5 Early Childhood Rites of Passage – in conversation with Kate White

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it, in conversation with Kate White, Director of Education for the American Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Association. We made this in Charlottesville, Virginia, in December 2013. Learn about … Continue reading

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Parenting Sessions in Byron Bay shire – February 2014

Very glad to announce that I will be returning to present new workshops at the Conscious Parenting & Natural Learning Conference, 15th February to 18th February, 2014. Details?  Click………….HERE! But wait! There is more! I will be offering private, parent-coaching … Continue reading

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Humanity takes more steps in respecting children

Great news from the Hispanic world, where Honduras just became the fourth Latin American nation, and the 34th nation in the world, to formally ban all corporal punishment of children. Que viva Honduras! Meanwhile, a further 45 nations have indicated … Continue reading

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They’re Greening the Desert!!

Some years ago, I had a dream. I saw that what we call ‘overpopulation’ could be an asset instead of a problem. Many hands make light work. I dreamed that people could re-plant a bio-diverse forest in a desert. I … Continue reading

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