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My (free) Skype interview with Luminous Youth.

In this lively conversation with Erica Nettle-Chik of ‘Luminous Youth’, we talked about how changes in parenting and education are changing the world, we talked about the first five rites of passage in early childhood development, we talked about how some … Continue reading

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40 Nations now banned all corporal punishment of children

Cabo Verde has just now become nation number 40, and the 6th African nation to protect children from being smacked. Two more nations have banned the smack via supreme court ruling, and 45 more nations have committed to prohibition. That … Continue reading

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It’s official: organically grown is better for your health

A review of 343 studies, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that organic produce is more nutritious, and that conventionally grown food can be four times as likely to contain pesticide residues. Read more about it HERE.  Even … Continue reading

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Unicef declares NZ anti-smacking law a success

Despite all the politically-driven, hidden-agenda hype and misinformation, the facts are: 1. The NZ anti-smacking law has reduced hospital admissions for children 2. It has increased the level of reporting of abuse (note how better reporting can be twisted by … Continue reading

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In conversation with Joseph Chilton Pearce

I’m delighted to share this interview with you. I had the huge honor of sitting with the celebrated author Joseph Chilton Pearce in the home he built with his own hands, among the wooded hills of Virginia USA, in December 2013. Joseph … Continue reading

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Great News! Ozone hole is mending!

Finally, the Ozone hole is showing early signs of thickening – thanks to the sustained, global ban on CFCs. This is a triumph for co-ordinated, global, government-sponsored action.  It demonstrates that when governments show the political will to restrain and … Continue reading

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Sleep training for babies – new research says…

…what most parents and practitioners who understand babies have been saying – and yelling from the rooftops! – for a long, long time.     Maybe as more science keeps coming in, people will begin to listen.      There … Continue reading

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Bringing my parenting seminar to Woollahra – 10th September 2014

“Connecting with your Toddler and Child: setting boundaries without punishment, shame or manipulation” For parents, teachers, health professionals. Where: Holdsworth Community Centre, Woollhara When: 7:00PM Wednesday 10th September Bookings and Enquiries: 9302 3600

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Just for Dads: an event in October 2014

FATHERHOOD UNPLUGGED! Supporting new Dads Discover your special place as a Dad, the unique gifts you bring. Let’s talk about the support you need, and some common challenges and concerns we encounter as fathers in a rapidly changing parenting culture. Join … Continue reading

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