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Argentina: next to ban the smack!

Viva Argentina, brother nation to my country of birth, Uruguay. The 41st nation to put a legislative stop to the punishment of children. It seems like only yesterday Latin America was all macho, patriarchal, traditionalist-Catholic and THEREFORE:..built upon the cultural … Continue reading

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Bolivia is next to ban corporal punishment

The sixth Latin American nation, and the 42nd in the world to lay down its arms and take the violence out of parenting. Smacking a child is now illegal, at home and at school. Felicitaciones, Bolivia! A great day for … Continue reading

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Aussie Mums run baby-sleep trainer out of town

Just when you thought controlled-crying was sinking into the past, it makes a comeback in Australia – and a pretty scary one, at that. Beats me how one sworn to uphold the Hippocratic oath can train a Mother to cold-shoulder her wailing child. Somehow, … Continue reading

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The Most Important Documentary I have ever seen

Wow, wow, triple wow!!  I am not sure how to convey how blown-away I feel after watching this documentary online.  I dare say, turning-point times are here. Mainstream science is finally, REALLY understanding birth, bonding and breastfeeding: and why these … Continue reading

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Good news about Plastic – for a change!

California has become the first American state to ban plastic bags completely. The state government did what it was supposed to do, stand up for ‘We The People’ and prevail against all the bullying it got from plastic bag manufacturers. … Continue reading

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One Fine Day on Byron Bay FM Radio….

Reclining on cane lounges at the Tallow Beach Hotel, Sally Cusack and I took a verbal tour of the parenting terrain…how our children trigger our own childhood emotions, how the moment of our child’s birth transforms us, and… the role … Continue reading

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