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One kid deals political corruption a HUGE blow

I want this kid to come to Australia! In fact, why can’t he travel to all ‘democracies’? He’s brilliant!! Get this: he is a 16 year-old computer whiz, in USA. He programmed a plug-in that allows any American with a … Continue reading

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Controlled crying helps nurses, not parents.

Despite all that is known today about what babies need, somewhere between 2 thirds to 3 quarters of all infant sleep interventions sold to parents are still about behavioural extinction. In other words, gradually refuse to attend to your crying … Continue reading

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Je suis L’ENFANT

Another act of brutality, a series of them, and the world comes together to protest. To defy.  To unify. People stand shoulder to shoulder in Paris, in shock, in bewilderment, in silence. We try to make sense of it. We … Continue reading

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Heart to Heart Parenting seminars go to Canada, 2015

I’m very happy, and honored, to announce that I will be speaking twice at the Vancouver Island Parent Conference on 7th February 2015. I appreciate the invitation to speak and am very much looking forward to working with the community … Continue reading

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Natural birth gets BIG recognition in UK

The National Health Service in UK has issued new guidelines urging low-risk mothers to give birth NOT in hospital settings. This is a huge recognition of the negative impacts of defensive obstetrics, and the inherent safety and lifetime benefits of … Continue reading

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