40 Nations now banned all corporal punishment of children

Cabo Verde has just now become nation number 40, and the 6th African nation to protect children from being smacked. Two more nations have banned the smack via supreme court ruling, and 45 more nations have committed to prohibition. That is a total of 87 nations that say ‘no more’ to violence in parenting. Almost half the world’s nations! The recognition that hitting achieves nothing is fast becoming the new ‘normal’.

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3 Responses to 40 Nations now banned all corporal punishment of children

  1. Ty Hatfield says:

    Outstanding! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

  2. Kate says:

    I thought ‘where the hell is Cabo verde’? So I got on Google. How awesome to read about this little nation, who despite so much disadvantage is making the most of it, with some of the best literacy and health outcomes in Africa and ranked as among the most democratic and free nations in the world, not just Africa! So great to know what can be achieved despite a lack of ‘obvious’ wealth. An inspiration for other nations.

  3. Robin Grille says:

    How very interesting, thanks for sharing this fascinating information Kate, about Cabo Verde.

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