A transformative virtual (online) retreat for parents

Kindred Media is the host, ‘Parenting as a Hero’s Journey’ is the series. You can join any – or all! -of the diverse and extraordinary presenters.

My contribution is a webinar that guides you through your own Inner Child Journey, where you find a repository of wisdom and healing.  This is an entirely new approach to answering your parenting questions, and a new way forward with your children. What have your children come to teach you?

Enough said! Find out all you need to know, HERE. 

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4 Responses to A transformative virtual (online) retreat for parents

  1. Lulastic says:

    Wow- this looks AMAZING! THank you – I will share around…

  2. Alyson Wills says:

    Hi Robin – I only recently found out about your Webinar which looked great. Are they any plans to rerun it as its no longer available on Kindred?

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