Argentina: next to ban the smack!

Viva Argentina, brother nation to my country of birth, Uruguay. The 41st nation to put a legislative stop to the punishment of children. It seems like only yesterday Latin America was all macho, patriarchal, traditionalist-Catholic and THEREFORE:..built upon the cultural bedrock of punishment. A euphemism for revenge, punishment is at the heart of authoritarianism – as in the home; so in politics.      7 nations now in Latin America say no to punishment, and mean it.    Don’t for a moment think that this will only benefit Argentine kids.   These changes touch and begin to transform the whole world.   Macro psychology comes from micro psychology.  When punishment goes, so will war.    When “do as you are told, or else!” goes, so will dictatorship.     There is a clue here, about what is needed in the Middle East.    What is needed throughout Africa.     What is needed in Australia and in USA.

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  1. TealRose says:

    That is wonderful news !! I am so glad to hear that bit by bit smacking, popping, whipping, spanking aka hitting children is being banned country by country … and we all will have a better chance at peace as well you said !!!

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