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Conversations on Empathy – and how to pass it forward

Prepare a cup of your favorite tea. Recline in your favorite chair. Hop online, and listen-in for free. Two enjoyable online chats, with Edwin Rutsch from the Centre for Building a Culture of Empathy, in San Francisco. How can we … Continue reading

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Free podcast: how emotional wellbeing can change the world

This was an interview that Tara Darlington just did with me, for Blogtalk Radio. Enjoy!   CLICK HERE

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ADHD is not a disease

For sure, ADHD is a grab-bag description of a broad range of challenging behaviours – but disease it ain’t. So explains Bruce Perry; perhaps the leading and most experienced neuropsychiatric mind in the world. The implications are huge. This suggests … Continue reading

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Is religion good for society?

The Pope’s answer for better behavior is to hit our children – with “dignity”. Does the religious practice of child-beating (Proverbs 23:13-14) make better societies? Let’s see. USA, 1950: only 4% of people were non-religious. Today, 23% are non-religious. A … Continue reading

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Controlled crying helps nurses, not parents.

Despite all that is known today about what babies need, somewhere between 2 thirds to 3 quarters of all infant sleep interventions sold to parents are still about behavioural extinction. In other words, gradually refuse to attend to your crying … Continue reading

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The Peace Code in the Human Brain – my talk at TedX, Pittwater, Australia

This is why I do the work that I do. This is at the heart of what drives me. I hope you enjoy my TedX talk, it is my best brief condensation of a big message. Sadly the sound quality … Continue reading

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The Most Important Documentary I have ever seen

Wow, wow, triple wow!!  I am not sure how to convey how blown-away I feel after watching this documentary online.  I dare say, turning-point times are here. Mainstream science is finally, REALLY understanding birth, bonding and breastfeeding: and why these … Continue reading

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One Fine Day on Byron Bay FM Radio….

Reclining on cane lounges at the Tallow Beach Hotel, Sally Cusack and I took a verbal tour of the parenting terrain…how our children trigger our own childhood emotions, how the moment of our child’s birth transforms us, and… the role … Continue reading

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My (free) Skype interview with Luminous Youth.

In this lively conversation with Erica Nettle-Chik of ‘Luminous Youth’, we talked about how changes in parenting and education are changing the world, we talked about the first five rites of passage in early childhood development, we talked about how some … Continue reading

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Sleep training for babies – new research says…

…what most parents and practitioners who understand babies have been saying – and yelling from the rooftops! – for a long, long time.     Maybe as more science keeps coming in, people will begin to listen.      There … Continue reading

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