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Sleep training for babies – new research says…

…what most parents and practitioners who understand babies have been saying – and yelling from the rooftops! – for a long, long time.     Maybe as more science keeps coming in, people will begin to listen.      There … Continue reading

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Teach your children about SUCCESS

He revolutionized how the world does commerce by inventing Paypal. He created the largest rooftop-solar-panel company in USA. He created the first successful fully electric car, which is also the world’s safest family car, which you can run for free … Continue reading

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Stay tuned for the videos of TED X Pittwater July 2014.

The TED X event at Pittwater (Sydney’s northern beaches) took place last Saturday, and it was a day of mind-blowing, heart-warming, tummy-fulfilling wonders. I felt hugely privileged to speak there, as well as incredibly proud of the luminaries that live … Continue reading

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My interview with Lu Hanessian in New York 2013

Lu is the author of ‘Let the Baby Drive’, one of the movers-and-shakers of the Attachment Parenting movement in the USA, and much more. We talked about child-rearing and the future of humanity…we covered it all! Sit back, relax, and … Continue reading

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Free Podcast, talking about Teens, anger, shame, and more.

Thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful conversation with Tova and Kerri from ‘The Parenting Hour’ in Los Angeles. We covered so much ground; from understanding adolescence, what is going on in the teenaged brain, keeping our communication with our teen children vibrant … Continue reading

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An Aussie TV program about Shame

The SBS show ‘Insight’, with presenter Jenny Brockie, looked at many aspects of shame – is it adaptive? Is it toxic? Some people poured their hearts out, incredibly moving and very human stories. (some annoying and irritating stuff was also said!) … Continue reading

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The challenges of 40+ parenting: survey participants wanted

Are you a mother of young children and near or over forty years old?   The author of this article is interested in hearing your thoughts on parenting over forty.   Please take a moment to share them in this … Continue reading

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Overpopulation is not the problem – a sustainable world begins!

For ease of reading, I have re-posted this six-part series in the right order, all together as one piece. I loved writing it. It is chock-a-block full of great news. If you find yourself sometimes thinking that humanity is on a doomsday-gloomsday … Continue reading

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Air pollution linked to autism

Harvard university researchers have been studying over 100,000 mothers since 1989. Mothers who are exposed to air pollutants from high traffic or heavy industry while pregnant in their third trimester are ‘up to twice as likely’ to have a child … Continue reading

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Your Child and Climate Change – free video

Concerned about how your children feel each time they hear about effects that global warming has begun to have? It’s frightening stuff, that’s for sure. So, how can we help them to be empowered in the face of this fear? … Continue reading

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