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Aussie Dads speaking from the heart.

What’s it like to be a Father? What do other Dads go through? How do we all meet the challenges, share the joys? And how do we grow and change? This web-based project is amazing. Dads bearing their souls, telling … Continue reading

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Punishment is a failure – say the Police

Even the POLICE understand that punishment and prohibition are as destructive as they are utterly impotent, when it comes to drug policy.  So: why on earth do we still cling to this useless idea that punishment works? War on drugs: an astronomically expensive … Continue reading

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Film: The 5 Early Childhood Rites of Passage – in conversation with Kate White

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it, in conversation with Kate White, Director of Education for the American Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Association. We made this in Charlottesville, Virginia, in December 2013. Learn about … Continue reading

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