Could this finally be the end of fossil fuels?

Coal-power-station-001Take courage from this: the world’s top financing institutions are starting to wind back from subsidising new coal-fired power stations. They are sounding more and more worried, more determined to pull us back from the brink of climate disaster. Even the most hard-hearted capitalists are feeling that coal and oil are starting to be a bad investment. This is great news for all of us, for our non-human kin, for the biosphere! It’s time to redouble our efforts, filled with confidence now, to demand our governments regulate for a full switch to green energy, 100%. This is feasible, economical, and life-saving.  Let’s go!

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2 Responses to Could this finally be the end of fossil fuels?

  1. Randal Love says:

    Yes we have been totally conned over fossil fuels, clean alternate energy sources have been available for decades, many innovative designs are still actively suppressed be the fossil fuel industry and governments who are totally addicted to oil taxes. Its time to start off by at least levelling the playing field; end fossil fuel industry subsidies and divest into true clean non fossil fuel technology.

    • Robin Grille says:

      Agreed, Randal. Also, the con job behind the fossil-fuel insanity is not only driven by governments addicted to oil taxes. More so by oil and coal corporations who control political parties on both sides with huge campaign donations. Most of the ‘donated’ (read: bribe) money is undeclared (laundered), funneled through think tanks and other associated entities. Australian law permits this to be done in secret. USA law has eliminated an upper limit on corporate donations, under ‘free speech’ legislation. Fossil fuel is now our government.

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