Cultural Resistance to the Attachment Message

467772049_150New video just released! Thanks to Lisa Reagan and Keith Reagan from Kindred Community. We made this short film in Virginia USA in December 2013. In fact, check out the new Vimeo channel, where all the film clips we made in USA 2013 have been posted, and there are plenty more to come yet! CLICK!

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  1. Susan says:

    Wow, this really resonated with me. I write about my family’s life and choices – we practiced attachment parenting and now unschool our children and I often think how ironic it is that spreading a message of peace and love is so controversial. I do believe that a lot of what you say is true. It reminded me of a piece I wrote last year:
    “At a time when many mothers (or fathers) are really needing help themselves, children are pushed to be “independent” before they are ready.

    Whoa. There has to be a link there. Subconsciously how many moms are realizing they just can’t do it all alone… and then they turn around and try to make their kids do “it” (whatever “it” may be) themselves? The lack of support given to mothers becomes a weight that is shifted to children, as we all try to cope with our (relatively) new “nuclear” way of living.

    And as quickly as this realization came I also knew that until we support our mothers the way they deserve to be, kids will not get the lives they deserve.”

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