Great News! Ozone hole is mending!

Finally, the Ozone hole is showing early signs of thickening – thanks to the sustained, global ban on CFCs. This is a triumph for co-ordinated, global, government-sponsored action.  It demonstrates that when governments show the political will to restrain and regulate Big Business, miracles can be accomplished.  This great win is hugely encouraging for us to do the same to tackle global warming. CLICK

There are still some who deny the link between fossil fuels and global warming. Some of those deniers are the same paid-for scientists who denied the link between CFCs and ozone depletion, and who also denied the link between second-hand tobacco smoke and lung cancer.  Humanity has been terribly hurt by these bank-rolled denial and delay tactics. The way for us to be alert and skeptical; is to always ask who is paying for the denial ‘science’.  Follow the money trail, it is easy to trace, with your browser of choice.

But at least this time, human rights and the environment has trumped the vested interests.  Our Ozone layer has begun its healing process. Sighs of relief!


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