Help wanted: Can you make movies?

Dear friends: I am working on a small project that has reached a crowd-sourcing stage – and I am looking for someone who would like to join me. I am recording a song I wrote to give encouragement to all young people who are doing their HSC or other final exams. The song is a lot of fun, it is tongue-in-cheek, and it aims to bring cheer and ‘mojo’ to the young heroes who are working so hard for their vocational journey. I have assembled some kick-ass musos to back me, this thing rocks!

I need someone (or someoneS!) who can help me make a music-video (filming and editing) so we can post this to YouTube in time for student vacations this year (early September 2015). It doesn’t need to be super-profesh, just made with love. The idea is to have a ball over one weekend, and produce a punchy little video that will make them laugh and help them feel our (all the parents’) support behind them. I have already started to story-board it.

So……know anyone who can do this, who has a good-enuff camera, bit of editing savvy, some kids they want to encourage, and who wants to join me in this little project? You? Your cousin?           I would love to hear from you!

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