Israelis abandoning circumcision

Infant circumcision is an ancient tribal custom that mutilates the child’s penis and eliminates a massive concentration of nerve fibres. Vital functions of the foreskin include protection of the glans against disease as well as increased sexual pleasure. No medical organization in the world recommends routine circumcision, it is purely an anachronistic ritual. ‘Tens of thousands’ of Israelis, secular and religious alike, are rejecting this damaging practice and replacing it with a blessing (Brit Shalom) ceremony for their baby boys. A support group, named Kahal, was founded by Ronit Tamir for this growing group of refusenik parents in Israel. Meanwhile, Jewish people around the world are turning away from circumcision.  Numerous web-based support and information groups have been set up. And San Francisco may be the first city to outlaw circumcision altogether.

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