My (free) Skype interview with Luminous Youth.

imagesIn this lively conversation with Erica Nettle-Chik of ‘Luminous Youth’, we talked about how changes in parenting and education are changing the world, we talked about the first five rites of passage in early childhood development, we talked about how some of our current social and international ills are symptoms of collective childhood wounding, we talked about parenting as social activism and cultural subversion, and we talked about cacao and Earl Gray tea. Sit back, sip your drink of choice, listen and (I hope!) enjoy.

And if you get a moment, I would love to hear your feelings and thoughts about this dialogue. I hope it touches you and inspires you in some way. Salud!

PS: Skype messed with audio and visual briefly a couple of times during the transmission. Don’t worry, it rights itself pretty quick.


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