“Parenting for a Peaceful World” goes to University!

Students graduates BEOEJ PWMThought you’d want to know about this!
Latest release short video from the Parenting for a Peaceful World Tour USA 2013. Pam Monaco inaugurates a new university course in ethics, based on my book. View this short clip here.


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2 Responses to “Parenting for a Peaceful World” goes to University!

  1. Ros N-C says:

    I love this – how different our world would be if all young people were exposed to these themes before becoming parents. Given (I assume), the majority of the readers of your book would usually be parents, I’ll be really interested to hear how the 18-20 year olds respond. Please keep us updated on this Robin.

    • Robin Grille says:

      Thanks Ros. SO far, since we made this video, the course ran for one term. In a nutshell what I heard from Pam Monaco is this: her students were really challenged and confronted by the course and they loved it, much enthusiasm expressed. The academic authorities are however applying pressure on Pam to make the course structure more ‘outcomes’ focused. That is not unusual, though sadly it can dampen some of the aliveness of the course. As far as I am aware, Pam is ploughing ahead.

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