Parenting seminar 26th March 2015, @ Erskineville NSW

Topic:  “GETTING YOUR CHILD TO DO STUFF – A psychobabble-free look at what really motivates children”

When: 7:30PM to 9:30PM Thursday 26th March 2015

Where: GOWRIE NSW, Erskineville

Bookings and Info:  CLICK HERE

I’m excited about this brand new seminar, it will be its first time offered – and much of the info will be crowd-sourced! Find out what I mean by that…by coming along! See you there.

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2 Responses to Parenting seminar 26th March 2015, @ Erskineville NSW

  1. Tracy Moreton says:

    Hi Robin,
    For those of us that don’t live in Sydney, is there any chance this Seminar above will be recorded and able to be purchased instead in either an audio or printed transcript format?

    Would love to come along but can’t be in Sydney on that date. If not available via recording etc, would love to hear this seminar live if you happen to have any Byron Bay events planned?

    Cheers Tracy

  2. Robin Grille says:

    Hi Tracy

    This seminar won’t be recorded – I’d happily run it and other seminars in the Byron area. As soon as a group or organization invite me, I’m there.

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