Parenting Workshops in Mona Vale

Parenting can sure be stressful, and that might be the understatement of the year. There is so much information out there about what children need in order to thrive. But not enough attention is given to what we need as parents, on a daily basis, in order to keep our cool, stay grounded, feel nourished and supported, and really enjoy the journey.

And there is more: how can we turn parenting into the greatest ever personal growth and healing journey – for us the parents?

“Parenting as a Hero’s Journey” is a 3-part evening workshop series that answers all those questions and more, and is filled with practical, skills-based goodies for parents.

For more information, click here. 

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  1. Carol Burman says:

    Hello Robin….I have just discovered you and think the work you’ve done and are doing is amazing. I would very much like to get in touch with you – via email or telephone. Presently I am in an estranged relationship with my son who lives in Sydney. We have just had yet another blow-up.l He has sought therapeutic help in Sydney to no avail. I thought your counselling services might be of help to him. Of course I love him very much. I’m doing counselling here in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

    Thanks in advance for connecting with me. Carol Burman…. Namaste

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