Stay tuned for the videos of TED X Pittwater July 2014.

The TED X event at Pittwater (Sydney’s northern beaches) took place last Saturday, and it was a day of mind-blowing, heart-warming, tummy-fulfilling wonders. I felt hugely privileged to speak there, as well as incredibly proud of the luminaries that live in our beautiful part of the world.   When can we be space-tourists? How does restoring healthy soils reset our brain-chemistry to ‘happy’? Why didn’t we know that raw-food cooking is the new gastronomic edge, adding years to our lives and new ecstasies to our tongues? How can child-rearing reform change the world? And much more.   GREAT NEWS:   you will be able to watch all the videos free, in around three weeks.

Where? Not sure! Ask Google. Or: try here:…         

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