Still coming to USA – December 2013!

boy on airplaneA flying book-tour of 7 cities.

Tucson AZ, Yorktown VA, Washington DC, Charlottesville VA, Los Angeles, Atlanta GA and New York.

Click HERE for the whole schbang, with how to book your place, and all the rest.


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2 Responses to Still coming to USA – December 2013!

  1. jude says:

    fyi Robin — article today in the UK’s Independent, if you can download it.

    So glad to have made it to hear you/meet you last night at the Museum of Motherhood in NYC, even though we got stuck in a hour long traffic jam trying to leave Manhattan on our way back home to WOODSTOCK, NY! — Bless your heart for the vital work you’re doing. There’s nothing more important at this crucial point in time. Safe travels home and have a restorative time in Hobart, over Christmas!
    xox — jude asphar

    • Robin Grille says:

      Great article and great idea, and I have long thought that grandparents should actually receive a government stipend to care for the grandkids, more if they agree to do a course brushing up on new understandings about child development.
      Enjoyed meeting you in NY last night at my gig. Thank you for making the long and arduous journey!!!!!

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