Teach your children about SUCCESS

He revolutionized how the world does commerce by inventing Paypal. He created the largest rooftop-solar-panel company in USA. He created the first successful fully electric car, which is also the world’s safest family car, which you can run for free for ever, which outperforms all petroleum cars in every way. The Tesla. But that was not enough! He then developed a space-rocket that cuts costs down to 25%, plus a re-useable rocket that can land back on earth, upright. NASA gave him the contract. People will go to Mars, and begin terra-forming it.      His name is Elon Musk.    Successful enough?

So, how did he reach this colossal level of success?  By NOT making success the goal. And, explicitly and repeatedly, by not letting profit-making be the goal.  In fact, he didn’t even think that his inventions would succeed at all. He was happy to let others have the success. Guess what: he has released his recipe for a fully-electric car battery to open-source! Total sharing! Imagine how freeing that would be:  to do what you love, not bogged down by the limitations imposed by concerns for ‘success’ nor profit-making.       FREEDOM TO CREATE!    So, what motivates Elon Musk?  A passion for his craft, and a huge desire to serve humanity, to offer us what is most needed.   What this man has single-handedly accomplished to save civilization from global warming and from economic collapse, is breath-taking.

Schoolteachers and parents:  that’s the message we need to bring to our children.  Follow your heart, pursue your beliefs, think of what you can offer humanity.    Don’t be driven by thoughts of ‘success’, the success objective is a joyless trap. And the profit motive, well, that gets in the way, it actually trips creativity.

Here is a wonderful interview with the softly spoken, understated Elon Musk: CLICK HERE 

And here is a documentary showing how Elon repeatedly put his every last penny on the line for the love of his creations. CLICK HERE  


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  1. Pat Torngren says:

    I’m completely gobsmacked and totally inspired. Thanks Robin!

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