The Most Important Documentary I have ever seen

Wow, wow, triple wow!!  I am not sure how to convey how blown-away I feel after watching this documentary online.  I dare say, turning-point times are here. Mainstream science is finally, REALLY understanding birth, bonding and breastfeeding: and why these form the very basis of human physical and psychological health.   This is no longer the whimsy of hippies.   The micro-biological genesis of human health has been irrefutably traced back to the critical moments during and after birth.      No exaggeration: the future of human civilization depends on naturalizing birth, bonding and baby-feeding.       The film is called:  ‘MicroBirth’.   It brings together a range of experts from Neurotoxicology, Neurobiology, Midwifery and more.         To stream the movie or buy the DVD, go to this website. 

If you feel as I do about the massive implications of this movie, please: share it far and wide!

I wish you peace, pleasure and connectedness.

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