The Solar Plane is coming – and so is the Electric Plane!

Get set to say goodbye to fossil fuels forever. Here comes the Solar Plane, test flights galore, and a round-the-world flight happening next year. Check out this short and amazing video: CLICK.

Also, Elon Musk, maker of Tesla fully electric cars, director of the largest solar panel company in USA, has plans ready for a fully electric passenger plane. Get this: it takes off vertically, no need for a runway (small airport closer to town!) and it flies at supersonic speeds (get there in less than half the time, with zero carbon footprint).  Find out more here: CLICK.

When someone says: ‘It can’t happen’ …what they really mean is: ‘I don’t WANT it to happen!’.    Well, guess what: it IS happening! The age of renewables and clean, super-cheap energy has dawned.

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