The Spooky Men’s Chorale – a Review

292980-155402-7At the Camelot Lounge last Sunday 3rd November for the Spooky Men’s Chorale new album launch. Thoroughly spooked by the experience. It would be reductionist to acknowledge the Spooky Men for their sublime musicianship. Yes, they rendered ancient harmonies so tenderly that our spirits soared. And though we laughed until our ribs rattled and our faces shone with tears, this is so much more than comedy. Well, if it is, then call it Divine Comedy. The Spooks have something profound to say. They are philosophers, therapists, shamans for our time. Sitting before them I felt these men hold a torch, a beacon for a most unique and irreplaceable phenomenon: Australian maleness. A model of Aussie blokeness that I aspire to, and celebrate in myself. When I lose my lunch in this sea of poker machines, beer mania and mono-dimensional sports-madness, I will look to the Spooky Men to renew my faith. Go the Spooks!!!! You found that perfect meeting place of true Magnificence, fierceness, complete irreverence and a total rejection of the grandiose. You trample bullshit, you deflate every ego – lovingly! You give total affection to that which is pathos, loss, and the endearing confusion that lives in the wonderful Men that we are. True love in song, like only men can do. Thank you, men of the mountains, for what you remind us of. I vote you as leaders of Australian culture and role models for what is most special and unique in Aussie maleness.

See what I mean: Here!

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