They’re Greening the Desert!!

48107642_africa_green_wall_466Some years ago, I had a dream. I saw that what we call ‘overpopulation’ could be an asset instead of a problem. Many hands make light work. I dreamed that people could re-plant a bio-diverse forest in a desert. I dreamed that armies would join in to help with logistics. A green World War against ecological degradation.

Guess what! It has already been happening, on a spectacular scale!! In 2007, an international co-ordinated effort began to plant a 15km-wide forest across the Sahara, all the way from the west to east coast of Africa. People’s livelihoods have already been changing as a result. You can view short videos about the project here, and here. 

Note how many nations are involved collaboratively, how many armies, including the French. The project provides clean water, healthier food, and lots of employment. It restores the soil, ends erosion, and will affect the climate.

A similar forest-replanting project in Borneo transformed the climate, and provided huge resources and employment for local villages. You can view a short film about that here.

This is what collaborative humanity can do. In Africa, in Borneo, anywhere. Imagine what we could achieve if we buried the hatchet, buried the fossil fuel industry, and restored the wastelands we have created. Possible? It has been proven to be! Probable…? What do you think?

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