Tunisia awakens – and leads!

Another quantum jump-forward in social-evolution! What is especially wonderful about this development, is that its potential to seed the Islamic/Arabic/Middle-East/African realms with a progressive impetus that much of the West should envy, and emulate.

0127-Tunisia-Constitution_full_600Tunisia has just democratically and peacefully approved a new constitution that guarantees government protection of the environment (one of a small handful of nations to have done this so far. This includes a commitment to real action to curb global warming!!), universal rights to health, equal opportunities for women, worker’s rights, and a repeal of Sharia Law. Tunisia has leap-frogged Australia and the USA, and galloped ahead in social-evolution (at the government level, at least).

By the way: in 2010, Tunisia banned all corporal punishment of children, at school and at home. Are improvements in the lives of children linked to the enlightenment taking place in Tunisian society? What do you think? Could we learn something from Tunisians in Australasia, North America, UK?

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