Uruguay – becoming a world leader in renewable energy!

This humble country of 3.5 million generated 84% of its energy in 2013 from renewable sources – a combination of hydro, wind and biomass. Government policy is to back a rapid deployment of new wind farms, which will give Uruguay 90% renewable energy in 2015. Wind energy will constitute 30% of the mix, which for now looks set to surpass Denmark and make Uruguay the world leader in wind! Congratulations Uruguay!

Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in Latin America, is committed to 94% renewables by 2017.

Thanks to massive investment in wind farms and geothermal, Costa Rica is already up to 99.2% renewables, and will soon be the world’s first carbon neutral country.


Australia (one of the richest nations in the world) is aiming for 20% renewables by 2020. Unless the current government succeeds in its plan to scrap the Renewable Energy Target. In which case it will be a lot less than 20%.


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