When a nation rejects Punishment – it is Rewarded!!

lisbonDid you know that Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001? Including: marihuana, cocaine and heroin! Possession is not legal, but now addicts are treated within a public health paradigm. They are no longer brutalized as criminals.

Now, people who believe in the old paradigm of punishment will say this move surely must have led to an increase in drug use in Portugal. What happened is the very opposite: in 10 years, Portugal has halved its number of addicts. Usage rates are among the lowest in Europe. Drug-related diseases, like overdose and STDs have dropped even more sharply than the rate of drug abuse. Read about it here. 

Isn’t it time we all moved beyond the punishment paradigm – in all spheres of life, including parenting? At best, punishment does not work. Usually, it makes everything worse. It’s time. Punishment belongs in the past.  Let’s evolve!

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