Why I am for marriage equality 100%

imagesWhy do I feel so happy every time another nation legislates for marriage equality? Why does this matter so much to me though I am hetero and married?
Well, for one, I am happy that lovers of any ilk can finally feel acknowledged and recognized by their peers, in whatever way they choose to formalize their commitment.
I am overjoyed to see the nightmare of religious fundamentalism retreating, and I feel more confident that soon it will be just a bad memory.
But this also has a far larger meaning. With every nation that says ‘yes’ to gay marriage, humanity moves one step further from the violence and brutality of our patriarchal, superstitious and authoritarian history. We also move further away from the rigidity of sexual typing and pleasure-guilt that has added so much to human madness for so many centuries.
I see a new humanity emerging, and the social-evolutionary drive is accelerating. The freedom to love sensually, whom we choose to love, the freedom to express our diversity – that is a symptom of a harmonious, welcoming society. This is the product of empathic and emotionally intelligent parenting. A sign that evolution has taken a bold new step.
So, as Scotland decides to make sense and let its people make love, I say to all my gay friends and all your gay friends: hurrah, and may you be showered in love and healing.

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