Your Heart, your Words: our Power.

UnknownI have been venting and complaining lately. Not that this surprises me – September 7 was a bitter pill. But the power is in dusting off and moving on. And I trust PEOPLE, I trust the BIG WE. When WE join hearts in a single vision, ‘government’ and ‘corporation’ are revealed as a paper tiger. Powerlessness is a mind trick, a memory that does not apply to NOW.

Why do I love spreading news about the leaps and bounds of Clean Energy around the world? Because I trust WE. Truth spreads like wildfire: it is a ‘top 40’ hit that has everyone humming it overnight. Truth changes culture, in a jiffy. Fresh air for the soul.

Nay sayers and vested interests have moaned and groaned, saying the change-over is all too hard, jobs will go, the economy will hurt, it’s too expensive, it takes too long, we have to aim at 5% at the most, we need a global consensus first, blah blah blah. And, Australians believed. We fell asleep. The nays won the day. Our illusion of powerlessness is sweet food for the addicts of status quo.

That’s why, when I find evidence that other nations stood up and said: we can do it – and they did it – I am shaken out of my torpor. All over Europe they are galloping into the Clean Energy reality, and being richly rewarded for it. So, tell everyone. EVERYONE. Be excited about it. There is no reason why we can’t clean the atmosphere and see the sun again and bring back the Koalas and heal the earth. No reason. None. Practice this: when you hear someone moan about how the change-over is all too hard, and this and that, and poo-poo the greens, etc etc etc – look them in the eye and tell them you know that is….poppycock! And have fun. Make fun of the absurdity. Have a ball spreading the word. You are a culture-changer, your words really count. Use them, enjoy them.

And so, when those that cling to obsolete structures make their move to slide Australia back in time (to the age of fossil fuels), WE will be like Gandalf when he faced-off the Balrog. WE will say: ‘You. Shall. Not. Pass!!!’

You are my family. Long may you breathe, pulse, dance and sing.

Robin Grille

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  1. Julie Lawrence says:

    LOVE this!! Thank you!!

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