Your world, Your Democracy!

celebrate-accomplishmentsSometimes, great stuff happens. Sometimes, we join hands and we MAKE it happen. ‘WE’ is what wins. Through online petitions, millions of global citizens have forced the passage of potent new anti-corruption laws in Brazil, contributed to the banning of bee-killing pesticides across Europe, and moved Holland and Germany to close their ports to ships exporting whale meat. Two large Australian church groups have announced they will no longer invest in fossil fuel companies because of global warming. So much more has been achieved, showing us that organized democracy is gaining momentum, and you and I, individuals in a global village, become more powerful everyday. A new world is possible? Not quite. It has already begun. Be glad, be assured, be VOCAL.

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  1. Pam Paton says:

    What excites me about online campaign groups is that they offer a form of easily accessible direct democracy. This has a vibrancy and relevancy that our traditional forms of representative democracy don’t have. Anyone can join in from anywhere in the world, at any level they feel comfortable with, and on any issue that they feel passionate about. Online campaign groups seem to effectively sidestep self interest, constant blaming and the influence of powerful individuals or groups with vested interests that often make our governments inefficient and difficult to trust. I love the notion that “Big Brother” is being turned on it’s head in many of these campaigns. Governments and other powerful individuals and authorities around the world can no longer act in a way that is unjust without someone taking notice and mobilising support. And as individuals we no longer need to feel disempowered and helpless when we see or hear news reports about animal slaughter, environmental destruction or abuse of our fellow human beings. We can all mobilise and do something to make a difference – it’s brilliant.

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