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Seminar on 18th March 2011: ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’ – from Blues to Bliss with your Baby

This seminar is for expectant parents and parents with babies. It will help you find more pleasure and bliss in connection with your baby. Topics include: healthy sleep, understanding your baby’s non-verbal language, emotional security and brain development When: 10:00 … Continue reading

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Global protection of babies accelerates.

USA is the last country on earth where boys are routinely circumcised for non-religious reasons. No medical association on the planet recommends this pointless practice. Good news: only two years ago, approximately 55% of all American baby boys were circumcised … Continue reading

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What IVF babies told us about ‘nature vs nurture’

Parents: you are more important than genes! A study involving 1000 families from UK and USA found that children conceived through IVF inherited tendencies such as depression or aggression from their genetically non-related parents, based on how they were treated … Continue reading

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Online petitions can change the world

Who says we are powerless and there is nothing we can do about the state of the world? In some ways, having your voice heard and making your vote count is far easier today than ever before: just a click … Continue reading

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