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October talk, Baulkham Hills: Connecting with your Toddler and Child

Robin Grille will present: ‘Connecting with your Toddler and Child’ at 7pm to 9:30pm on Friday 28th October 2011 (Pregnancy & Parenting Wellbeing Centre, Baulkham Hills). For enquiries and bookings contact Louise Andrew: 0434 616 020

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Why ‘gold stars’ and rewards dumb down our children’s education

This brilliant talk shows you what your child’s school teachers and your psychologist did not tell you: how ‘gold stars’, jelly-beans and similar prizes actually smother your child’s creativity, intelligence and autonomy. Continue reading

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‘Time out’ and other punishments to be banned in childcare

In new legislation in Victoria (Australia), soon to be replicated in other Australian states and territories, childcare operators will risk hefty fines (up to $50,000) for placing children in ‘time-out’, using corporal punishment or any other forms of ‘inappropriate discipline’.

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