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Advertisers target your children – is that OK with you?

Ads are a very powerful – and very sophisticated – mind control tool. They WORK! Corporations don’t invest billions unless a hefty return can be counted on. Ads are designed to bypass the brain’s filters (frontal lobes) and zap the … Continue reading

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This environmental initiative really makes sense

The times they are a-changin’. It seems like the obvious next step: a large group of  professionals of all stripes,  lawyers, politicians, scientists etc, from all over Europe are  petitioning to make ECOCIDE a crime. This would empower governments to … Continue reading

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Tunisia awakens – and leads!

Another quantum jump-forward in social-evolution! What is especially wonderful about this development, is that its potential to seed the Islamic/Arabic/Middle-East/African realms with a progressive impetus that much of the West should envy, and emulate. Tunisia has just democratically and peacefully … Continue reading

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Aussie Dads speaking from the heart.

What’s it like to be a Father? What do other Dads go through? How do we all meet the challenges, share the joys? And how do we grow and change? This web-based project is amazing. Dads bearing their souls, telling … Continue reading

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Why I am for marriage equality 100%

Why do I feel so happy every time another nation legislates for marriage equality? Why does this matter so much to me though I am hetero and married? Well, for one, I am happy that lovers of any ilk can … Continue reading

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Scotland the brave! What a wonderful evolutionary leap!

Fantastic news today. It fills me with joy to see every step taken by humanity towards a more heart-centred and compassionate, loving world. Well done, Scotland, the newest nation to embrace marriage equality and enshrine it in law.  May the … Continue reading

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