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Incredible Youth Leaders!

You won’t believe what these teenaged activists are accomplishing. Wow! Powerful youth! Knowledgeable. Feisty. Assertive. Peaceful. Courteous. Eloquent. Passionate. Big-hearted. And effective!  And this is starting to be an international trend. I was stunned to discover how successful these adolescent … Continue reading

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Chelsea Lane Gallery Opening, April 2015

This most endearing and petite Gallery, in the heart of Avalon, is hosting an opening for 8 of the most wonderful artists – among them, my wife Linda. Her Gaian sculptures and mosaics weave a maternal, wordless, terrestrial myth; they sing … Continue reading

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A New Song of Human Dignity

This anthem was composed and recorded by my good friend, bassist and groovster extraordinare, Stephen Marquis. I sang with the choir. It was an unforgettable moment. Singing together, there is no longer an ‘I’, but a shared wave of humanity. … Continue reading

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Parenting seminar 26th March 2015, @ Erskineville NSW

Topic:  “GETTING YOUR CHILD TO DO STUFF – A psychobabble-free look at what really motivates children” When: 7:30PM to 9:30PM Thursday 26th March 2015 Where: GOWRIE NSW, Erskineville Bookings and Info:  CLICK HERE I’m excited about this brand new seminar, … Continue reading

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Divestment is the biggest boycott movement in history!

You are far more powerful than you realize. You can personally turn the tide on climate change, simply by how you use even the smallest amounts of money. Divesting means looking at where we save money, and removing it from … Continue reading

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Solar Plane’s First World Trip!

The solar revolution is here, it is real, you are living in it NOW. The Solar Impulse plane is showing us how clean energy can fuel all kinds of transport in the near future. Look at history: stunts like these … Continue reading

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ADHD is not a disease

For sure, ADHD is a grab-bag description of a broad range of challenging behaviours – but disease it ain’t. So explains Bruce Perry; perhaps the leading and most experienced neuropsychiatric mind in the world. The implications are huge. This suggests … Continue reading

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A transformative virtual (online) retreat for parents

Kindred Media is the host, ‘Parenting as a Hero’s Journey’ is the series. You can join any – or all! -of the diverse and extraordinary presenters. My contribution is a webinar that guides you through your own Inner Child Journey, where … Continue reading

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