Aussie Dads speaking from the heart.

georgeg2-720x328What’s it like to be a Father? What do other Dads go through? How do we all meet the challenges, share the joys? And how do we grow and change? This web-based project is amazing. Dads bearing their souls, telling their stories, their learning. We are not alone! We are vulnerable. We are lost. We find ourselves. We play, we love, we search…and we are magnificent.

These short interviews are not about teaching, or ‘getting it right’. They are about honesty, our own personal quests – just sharing that. Sure, most of the Dads on this site are high profile. Aussies will recognize some or many of them. But that is not the point. Shared human-ness is. Have a look!!    (in case you want to know, I’m in there too).


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