Great news: 2nd Edition of Parenting for a Peaceful World is out!

Front Cover PfPW 2nd EdFinally, it’s ready. So pleased with the result. I have added about 50 pages of new material, in an addendum at the end. This has empowered the book, as well as shown a couple of areas for which new reading and study has led me to modify my views somewhat. Parenting for a Peaceful World has been an evolving manuscript. And the price has dropped considerably. You can buy the new, bigger and better edition from Amazon, HERE!

Soon, this 2nd edition will also be out also with Book Depository and other online booksellers.

So, to avoid confusion: there are now only three versions of Parenting for a Peaceful World. This new 2nd edition, seen above, is available everywhere except UK and Europe. The UK edition (pretty much the same information!), available for UK and Europe; which looks like this:

Front Cover PfPW UK EdAnd finally, the Kindle version (whole world).

If you have loved this book, please tell your friends.

Thank you!


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  1. Lisa Pennell says:

    Highly recommend this for anyone who has a child, wants a child, or was a child – in other words, everyone. Reading the first edition of this book several years ago sparked a whole new level in a long journey of self discovery and more importantly, was a big part of me learning how to parent my beautiful daughter in the way she deserves.

    Do yourself a favour and get this book. Get two, in case you lose one. Your life will never be the same.

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