First Asian nation to ban corporal punishment of children!

Congratulations to the Phillippines! And a very happy Christmas to Phillipino children. As of this week, it is no longer legal for parents or teachers to hit children in the name of ‘discipline’.  So interesting what is happening in the Catholic world. This would have seemed perfectly impossible just one decade ago.

Philippines, the first Asian nation to ban! Every continent has begun the change!  47 nations where children don’t have to fear physical punishment anymore.      Hey, Australia: ready to wake up yet?

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4 Responses to First Asian nation to ban corporal punishment of children!

  1. great news! Once ending corporal punishment catches on, people may have a chance to see that there is no other kind. My dream is the and of ALL punishment, and this is how it starts.

    • Robin Grille says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jeffrey. I think at its very core, the idea of punishment is merely a cover for revenge. It is the most primitive layers of our brains wanting to lash out, to disable the threat. No kind of punishment, physical or otherwise, has ever rehabilitated anyone nor has it added anything good to our world. I’m overjoyed that corporal punishment is quickly becoming de-legitimized around the world. But that is just a beginning, and we need to realize that all kinds of punishment are unconscious retribution and therefore damaging.

  2. Gabriela O Monasterio says:

    It´s great that they have banned corporal punishment of children. But it should also include banning circumcision, which is also another form of child abuse and still very much in use in the Philippines, unfortunately.

    • Robin Grille says:

      I agree, Gabriela Monasterio, and thanks for pointing that out. It seems to be that wherever the USA military has established bases, circumcision has taken root, though it was never a local tradition. Same is true in South Korea. Abusive for the baby, but not abusive for the hospital coffers.

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