Spanking banned in Nicaragua! Viva Nicaragua numero 46!

Does it seem like progress on this issue is speeding up? Is it starting to seem weirder and weirder that people think it is OK to spank children? Just like people thought it was OK for  husbands to smack their wives, not so long ago?

Nicaragua just banned the corporal punishment of children, the sixth South American nation (in the heart of the Catholic world!) and the 46th nation in the world to clean up its act. In historical terms this world is just minutes away from a global ban.

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2 Responses to Spanking banned in Nicaragua! Viva Nicaragua numero 46!

  1. This is very good news!

    However, Nicaragua is not in South America, it is in Central America, along with Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama.

    I hope the countries who have made these laws are able to enforce them.

    Thank you for keeping us posted about new developments about reducing violence against children.

  2. Robin Grille says:

    Thanks Claire Winstone. I meant to say: ‘Latin America’. Yes, Nicaragua is Central not South. Will there be proper enforcement? I doubt there will be much. The changes that these kinds of laws bring are slow, they take a generation. Especially in impoverished nations. But it has been shown that there is a positive effect, these kinds of laws change the conversation, they change minds, change culture, they create a new ‘normal’. In some countries this happens quickly, in others slowly. But eventually it happens. Remember: what feels slow in our lives, is blindingly fast in historical time.

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