To make you feel better…

Here are some of the most exciting news about huge wins for sustainability, justice and a better world all around.

Fossil fuel divestment is taking off like wildfire around the world. This global divestment deluge is set to heavily disrupt the fossil fuel business model. And Norway, a major oil power, is totally dumping fossil fuel investment! Read HERE

Like Apple computers? Prepare to drive one. Apple will give Tesla a run for its money when they soon unveil their own electric car. Every year, several new fully electric vehicles sweep onto the market. Tipping point alert! Still driving your antique petrol car? Read HERE

Teenagers are taking over the climate campaign in the most incredible way. Child-led legal challenges to secure their future, all over USA. Amazing youth, here they come! This will take your breath away. Read HERE

A huge coup for animal rights. France de-registers animals as ‘property’, and makes them legal entities as ‘sentient beings’ – paving the way for a new wave of animal protections. This is deeply transformative! Read HERE

Science vindicates organic growers. Study finds lower pesticides levels in people who eat organic. Read HERE

Most American states (37 of them!) now allow gay marriage. This is the most seriously fundamentalist nation in the Western world (proportionately speaking). So if USA can do it, (along with UK, NZ, and so many more), than so can Australia. Read HERE

Speaking of USA, the nation that gave the world the War on Drugs (best understood as the War on Addicts), is rapidly lifting prohibition of Marihuana. Alaska is the latest state to legalize. If this can happen in ground zero for this inhuman war against sufferers of addiction, then the rest of the world can also come to its senses. Read HERE

The green shoots of a huge shift towards a clean and just world are really starting to show up, everywhere. This is very encouraging!

To all those who are working for this cultural-evolutionary imperative: keep going, keep going, keep going!

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  1. margaret says:

    So loved hearing all this good news…. cheered my soul.
    love how the young and changing the world.
    big thank you

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