ADHD is not a disease

Dr.-Bruce-PerryFor sure, ADHD is a grab-bag description of a broad range of challenging behaviours – but disease it ain’t. So explains Bruce Perry; perhaps the leading and most experienced neuropsychiatric mind in the world.

The implications are huge. This suggests that ADHD should be treated by changing something in the child’s environment. The expectations placed on the child. The emotional climate that surrounds him or her. Or perhaps; the way schooling is done. In fact, according to Bruce Perry, research has shown that is precisely what works best. Minus the long term negative effects of drug therapy.

This points to a big social need that is not being met. Families and individuals struggling with this kind of issue should be supported with relationship-centred therapies, rather than having children’s complex brain and endocrinological systems meddled with.

You can read a little more about this HERE.

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