Divestment is the biggest boycott movement in history!

You are far more powerful than you realize.

You can personally turn the tide on climate change, simply by how you use even the smallest amounts of money.

Divesting means looking at where we save money, and removing it from any institution that invests in fossil fuels. The Divest movement is accelerating, it is HUGE – the biggest boycott movement in history! In 2014 alone, investors controlling some US$50 billion of assets have pledged to go fossil fuel free. From the Rockefeller Foundation (yes, the Rockefellers; huge Big Oil magnates!)  to Stanford University, 181 organisations making investments decisions on behalf of 520 million people have pledged to divest.

My wife and myself took all our life-savings from Westpac and put it into Bendigo Bank, and wrote to both sides to tell them why. It was EASY!  And very satisfying.

We are all far more powerful than we realize. With each dollar we have a choice to make.

Read an excellent explanation about the global Divestment movement by Trevor Thomas from Ethinvest, HERE. 

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