Solar Plane’s First World Trip!

The solar revolution is here, it is real, you are living in it NOW. The Solar Impulse plane is showing us how clean energy can fuel all kinds of transport in the near future. Look at history: stunts like these are always quickly followed by investors, and commercial development. From the Wright brothers to aero-tourism in just a few years – think of what comes next!

Signs of the revolution: Solar panels have become cheaper by 70% in recent years. Their price will halve again this decade. Solar will be as cheap as petrol before 2020. In USA, Solar now employs more people than Coal!

Expect a massive economic boom when we ditch fossil fuels, as energy prices will just keep plummeting: a huge jobs growth internationally. Not to mention: we might just pull back from the brink of enviro-catastrophe.

Read all about it HERE.

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