Incredible Youth Leaders!

You won’t believe what these teenaged activists are accomplishing. Wow! Powerful youth! Knowledgeable. Feisty. Assertive. Peaceful. Courteous. Eloquent. Passionate. Big-hearted. And effective!  And this is starting to be an international trend. I was stunned to discover how successful these adolescent activists (youth leaders) have already been in forcing big changes in legislation, culture, lifestyle and community.

And, unlike the youth activists of the sixties, this is not about dropping out and dropping pills. This new youth movement is about passion, assertion, non-violence, and KNOWLEDGE.     It is impossible not to listen.      I feel so humbled, so inspired.  And so moved: not to flatter them, but rather, I feel obligated to stand with them. To join them. This is THEIR world.      Check this out, you will be blown away:  CLICK HERE

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