Nigeria bans female genital mutilation – the whole world benefits

Just because it is ancient does not mean it is good. Just because it is cultural does not mean it is healthy or that we have to tolerate it. So when the government of Nigeria, one of the world’s largest female mutilators lifts human rights higher than culture, this is a time to rejoice. Child genital mutilation is a hallmark of patriarchal, warlike custom. And although policing and enforcing this new ruling will be sketchy, national disapproval makes a difference. Old patriarchal structures disappeared just a little bit more, with this new ruling. The whole world will feel the ripples, the whole world just moved just a little bit closer to peace.

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3 Responses to Nigeria bans female genital mutilation – the whole world benefits

  1. Irina Gibson says:

    “Child genital mutilation is a hallmark of patriarchal, warlike custom” This is an interesting comment, especially coming from Australia, who along with the the United States and many other patriarchal societies still perform child genital mutilation in the name of custom and tradition and yet condemn it in others. This is the ‘West’ and hypocrisy and ethnocentrism at its best. I think we would do well to ‘clean up our own backyard’ before we go looking over the fence and criticising. For some weird reason male genital mutilation is overlooked, and yet is essentially the same as FGC. It is also based on tradition and culture. Patriarchal, warlike? maybe. From the Victorian government website:
    “Circumcision is mostly performed on babies for family, religious or cultural reasons, or because some people prefer the look of a circumcised penis.” There is insufficient medical evidence to warrant its continuation. The question is why do we view male circumcision/cutting so differently from female circumcision/cutting?

    • Robin Grille says:

      Irina, I find it disturbing that in the area of child rights anyone can talk about ‘one’s own backyard’. Children are not the property of anyone, nor of any country. All children hurt, and if one has any empathy we should celebrate the liberation of children in any nation as well as decrying the abuse of children in any nation – no matter whose ‘yard’ it happens in. If you knew my writing you would know I have attacked male circumcision for exactly the same reasons, in Australia, in USA, and linked it to patriarchy and belligerence here too. When it comes to the wellbeing of children I think it is petty to talk of ‘east’ or ‘west’ or any of those lamentable constructed divisions.

  2. S. Nicoletta Rogers says:

    this is great news and certainly a step in the right direction! I look forward to the next step – assuming it has not been taken yet – : the ban of ALL infant/child sexual mutilation, ie including boys’ “circumcision”!

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