Parenting for a Peaceful World goes to China

5180300916_da94de49f1I’m thrilled to share these news. A Cantonese translation of my book, Parenting for a Peaceful World, will be entering the Chinese speaking world sometime in 2017.

There are exciting rumblings in Chinese culture. Curiosity. Hunger for change.

EDiversity, my publisher, represent homeschoolers and progressive educators in Hong Kong. Wow. Look at what is happening there! And what do you imagine will happen, in the Chinese world and its cultures, as these progressive forces continue to spread?

Where does this path lead? I could not be more filled with silent wonder. I will be learning more than I can imagine. Bring it on.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I am so happy to be getting this book. I have granddaughters under 7, and I am so interested in your enlightening parents to the evolution in parenting that will tame a struggling violent society.

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