Science smacks the smack

disobedience-1673196_1280I wonder how much more science we are going to need.

Is this enough yet? Half a century of research studies, over 160,000 children studied around the world. There is no safe level. Even a bit of a smack is harmful for child development. HERE is the latest analysis of all the world’s evidence, simple and clear.

Science totally gets it.  Fifty nations have banned the smack, 52 more are in process.

Time for Australia, USA and UK to give children the same protection we give adults.


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  1. Vashti Merz Samuel says:

    I totally agree. We can’t even hit animals anymore and yet children are still allowed to be hit. Society would be a different place if we trusted children, respected them, allowed them to be children. Which question is more important to you as a parent ” how can I get my child to do as I say? Or what does my child need and how can I meet those needs? (Alfie Kohn)

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